CX-V6 S Wave Foilboard convertible surfkite 152 x 50 - 22 Liters
The unique shape and a volume of 22L and length of 152 cm x 48.5 cm (5'0" x 19"), the CX-V6 S board has plenty of volume while remaining compact and light, making it easy to water start without the need for big kites. Addition volume in the nose of the board helps the board behave well during foiling touchdowns and takeoffs. The numerous carbon reinforcements in the deck and the hull increase stiffness and steering responsiveness. The CNC machined closed-cell EPS core is built up using : - a central carbon-wrapped wooden stringer running the entire length of the board - traditional fiberglass - T700 carbon fiber, laid up along three axes to support the forces generated by the foil - A composite Bamboo fiber-epoxy biopolymer applied in the longitudinal direction of the board, which provides extra resilience and durability. This technology allows the board to be used session after session without deterioration in its performance characteristics – no board "fatigue". - We use a high quality epoxy resin in the construction of these composite boards. We chose this resin because its solvent-free base is not damaging to the environment. This resin is also highly resistant to osmosis. The board's polyester finish and two-component paint are coated with a UV resistant polyurethane varnish.

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