VR5 Freeride Foilboard 142 x 51 - 26 Liters
The shape has been totally reconsidered from the FS2, to achieve a state of the art technology (length 142 cm; width 51cm; volume 26 liters). The VR5 is the completion of more than 10 years of kitefoil research and development. We definitely wanted to create a board for all riders, from beginners to the most experienced. Its particular assets are confort, maneuverability, and ease of progression and evolution. It doesn't matter whether you do sailing or aerial jibes, tacks,, or any other trick; this board was designed for all possibilities. Even in a race configuration, the Alpinefoil VR5 allows you to easily reach angles like the narrowest boards (VR6/VR7). The VR5 is our most polyvalent board, a perfect mix of ease in light wind and performance.

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